Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Computer, Internet & Books

It may look strange that I am making use of the Computer and the Internet to drive home my preference for printed paper book over its electronic version, with some justification.
With rapid strides in development of Computer Technology the answer to the question whether computer will replace the books in near future is an emphatic Yes. We already have e-books within our reach easily available on internet at the click of the mouse. Thanks to the Internet, we have the vast knowledge bank at our disposal . All that is required is a Computer and an Internet Connection.But if a Computer were to replace a book ,as is my apprehension that it will, the first casualty will be the pleasure one derives from reading a book and this will not be a welcome development. Shuffling through the pages of a book , even randomly, is a pleasure only a genuine reader can feel and describe. And in the course of such shuffling , one may and does come across some interesting bit of information , prompting further reading, thereby opening new vistas of knowledge and learning.Besides a book can be carried any where and every where and any time to be read and enjoyed at leisure , without any fear or threat of power breakdown or a monster called computer virus. It is always easier to take down notes from a book and underline important references for future use, which possibility is not there while using a computer. Besides a book can change as many hands as we would like , whereas , computer and internet for whatever reasons , are not accessible by all.
Computer buffs may argue that the e-books besides other advantages will also cut down the pressure on our limited resources that are consumed in the making of paper and other costs involved in the process of editing, proof reading , publishing - right up to the stage the book hits the market. But they do not seem to think of the huge investments already gone in the publishing business as well as the employment this has genetared.
It is possible that the transition will be as short lived as it seems quick because like all new inventions and gadgets, we may get fed up and bored with continuous use of e-books over a period of time and may like to revert back to the realm of books to enjoy again the pleasures of reading at will.

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