Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Fasting is nothing unusual for my wife as she for reasons best known to her is on fast every Monday, throughout the year . I am told this is a Shiv ji ka Vrat and at the backside, the general well being of husband is associated with it. I am a bit skeptic about all this seeing the plight I find myself in year after year. This week it was fast for two successive days for my loved and – in a strange way loving –one .

It is said that if God were not there , we would have to invent Him. The same saying with some modification applies to my wife, who for no valid reason would invent causes for worry. A few days back I developed some boils on my face and neck and after being administered some antibiotics, got cured , only to be faced again with one erupting near my right eye, which did not escape her notice. Pat came the strict instructions from her to go for a sugar test. This was on Monday -one day before the Karva Chauth . The person collected the sample from home and after taking meals I left for the office . At quarter to two in the after noon my wife called up asking me to inquire about the report. It was only after I conveyed to her that the sugar level was within the desirable limits that she got some relief.

Imagine , if the report were not favorable , what would be the reaction of my wife who is alarmed even when one of us dares to cough or sneeze . How difficult it is to answer a useless and baseless query like—yeh chheenk kyon aayee or yeh khaansi kyun hui.

Thank God this year Karva Chauth passed off peacefully. Was this “ no-sugar ” report not a gift from me to my wife !

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