Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Adieu 2010 !

I have been off blog writing for quite some time now and am not able to decipher how ennui got the better of me during the last two months. Not that I had nothing to write about or had run out of ideas. In fact it was exactly the opposite. Some incidents rather mishaps set me thinking about our transitory life and being , in short our bubble-like existence. The year 2010 among other things has also been a year of tragedies – some personal & some though not personal but equally devastating.

Death of a man always diminishes me- wrote Mahatma Gandhi. Here I am to recall death of five young souls barely in their twenties who left all near and dear ones in tears , not to speak of the grief , their family members were plunged into . All were victims of two road accidents , death occurring just before Diwali and the New Year , when people are out to celebrate the events. Needless to say both Diwali and New Year passed off as non-events.

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