Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Proud Moment !

It must have been a proud moment for the faculty and staff of the Government Senior Secondary School , Lal Pani, Shimla, when one of its old students, Justice D.P.Wadhwa, former Judge, Supreme Court Of India who is presently heading the Central Vigilance Committee on Public Distribution System , paid a visit to his Alma mater where he had studied from 1948 to 1951 . Such moments fill the present students with inspiration and they feel motivated to do better in life.

Decades back, it was a proud moment for us studying in S.D. Higher Secondary School ( now Sr. Secondary School ) Shimla, when one of its old students, Col. N. Kumar , PVSM, KC,AVSM , FRGS , - an Everester & a name to reckon with in mountaineering came visiting and delivered a lecture in the morning assembly.

It is again heartening to learn that, Anupam Kher , the noted Bollywood actor, always fondly remembers his Alma mater, DAV Sr. Secondary School Lakkar Bazar, Shimla and his student days there.

On the flip side , the other day, I was shocked to find in the Face Book that a class pal of mine in the S.D. School above had mentioned some exotic sounding institution as his school. I do not know what credit it does to him notwithstanding the fact that being a genius of sorts he occupies an enviable position in the corporate world !

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  1. Yes, I agree. When successful people pay visit to their school, others feel proud too. Ignore the last one.

    I want to go back to school and see how it looks like now. But I am no way successful or don't think anyone knows me there..but still I want to go back and see...

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