Friday, July 22, 2011

Remembering Mukesh

Today is Mukesh’s birthday . Mukesh, the popular playback singer of Hindi cinema is my hot favourite. I am always in a fix, when I ask myself as to which of his songs I like the best - I like most of them for the sonorous quality as well as that peculiar twang which makes Mukesh stand apart from the other singers. Mukesh , though he lent his voice to songs picturised on almost all the heroes or actors of the time, was in particular, associated with Raj Kapoor. Mukesh , the singer ; Raj Kapoor, the actor; and Shankar- Jaikishan , the music duo - were a unique combination. His song- Nain ka chain chura kar le gayi - has many a time had the effect of a lullaby on me. The songs sung by him for films like Aaag, Awara, Andaaz, Upkar, Kabhi Kabhi , Milan, Bandini, Anari ,Teesari Kasam , Banarsi thug , and many many others are classics and as such unforgettable. I remember, I won a small bet for the song Dil jalta hai to jalne de - as many others would think that the song was sung by K.L. Sehgal , another immortal singer. The song from Kabhi Kabhi- Main pal do pal ka shayar Hoon - proved prophetic as Mukesh died in 1976 , the year the film was released.


  1. No doubt singers like Mukesh become legends during their life time . Nice tribute to a singer, par excellence

  2. मुकेश जी के गाये गीतों को गुनगुनाना मन को बहुत भाता है..
    आपने उन्हें याद किया यह बहुत अनुकरनीय है.. उन्हें हमारी और से भी श्रधा सुमन अर्पित!
    सार्थक प्रस्तुति हेतु आपका आभार!

  3. .

    Thanks for this wonderful post . I wasn't aware that my favorite singer was born in the best month of the year . ( Hope you know why }

    I'm a big fan of this versatile singer . The 'kashish' in his voice stirs the soul .

    Everytime i turn on my system , one or the other song of Mukesh ji is being played while I work.

    I love his song ...."Jane chale jaate hain kahan , duniya se jaane wale....."

    My tributes...


  4. Yes , Zeal , I think I ought to know , since you had given the hint , in my last post .Now , I take this opportunity to wish you a HAPPY BIRTH DAY , whenever in the month of Sawan it falls ( or has already fallen ) !