Friday, September 16, 2011

Singing voices from across the border

“Char dina da pyaar o rabba, badi lambi judai………”

When Pakistani folk singer Reshma lent her beautiful voice to this song for the Bollywood flick “Hero “ in the eighties, this came as a whiff of fresh air as the singer’s voice apart from timbre had a folksy charm to it. The song became and is still popular after almost three decades down the line. Reshma’s became a household name for every music lover. Thanks to YouTube, , the other day , I chanced upon a duet by her and Pervez Mehdi-

Goriye mein jana pardes ………….” .

Both the singers come out at their best in this composition and literally it transported me to another world. Again that earthy/ folksy charm comes to the fore.

Another singer from across the border perhaps lesser known in India – though originally from Assam , her family migrated to Pakistan much after the partition - is Nayyara Noor- simple and urbane in her demeanour . I found her rendition of a ghazal by Behzaad Lakhnawi ;

Ai jazba-e-dil gar main chahoon har cheez muqabil aa jaye………..”

simply captivating .

She has also sung for Pakistani films . A song that I particularly like is “: Roothey ho tum , tumko kaise manaoon piya…bolo na …..”

On stage she has also sung old bollywood songs like " Panchhi baanwra......... " etc.

Interested music lovers should be able to find links via YouTube


  1. well, the first one from HERO, i remember very well, during our college days we use to sing is very meaningful and melodious song...:))

  2. .

    First of all sorry for being late here. The storm is over now and I 've survived. thanks to my well wishers and almighty.

    Some of the Pakistani singers have great appeal in their voice . The 'kashish' literally pulls the heart out.

    I very much like the song - "O desh se jaane wale bata ......"

    and " Ek baar muskura do ...." by Munni beghum of pakistan.



  3. Yes, Zeal, all is well that ends well. We become a part of the virtual world to exchange enhance and spread peace , joy and happiness as the real world is so full of strife and pulls and pressures of many kinds , but sometimes the things go awry in the virtual world also, which is unfortunate .
    Coming to music, this was only a specimen, there are other great voices like Ustad Amanat Ali , Asad Amanat Ali, Hussain Bux, Ataullah Khan, etc, apart from the very well known Mehdi Hassan, Pervez Mehdi, Ghulam Ali, Malika Pukhraj , Farida Khanam, Iqbal Bano.... and many others. Abida Parveen is your personal favourite. I like her " Chale to phir kat hi jaaega safar ahista ahista ........"
    Thanks !

  4. .

    Yes RK ji , I am very much fond of Abida ji . Below is the link of my favourite song,sung by her.


  5. Where are you ? Hope everything is fine at your end. Regards,

  6. @Zeal
    I am just fine , only some domestic affairs have kept me busy and occupied and hence off blogging. Thanks for showing concern ! Since when have doctors started marking absent ? :)
    Thanks again !

  7. Glad to hear from you and 'smiles' at your 'natkhatpan'.

  8. No updates mannnnnn.....

    Happy Diwali...:)

    Thanks Irfan ! God's blessings may also be with you !
    Some engagements have kept me off blogging for the present .