Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Retirement Blues !

More than a month into retirement  and I know not what to do now, with my physique  and mental faculties  all in tact. The philosopher in me prompts me to liken this phase to the  last Act of a drama ,which may  end soon or   stretch itself   even to 20-25 years. But last Act it is. It seems  thirty five years  of service have come to  naught  with no achievement to count or laurels to rest upon. Only I have been able to earn  sufficient  pension to  take care of my  financial needs . The words of the shayar  Akbar Allahabadi ring so true :
Kya kahen ahbaab  kya kar-e- numaya kar gaye
BA  padhe , naukar bane, pension mili  aur mar gaye !

Any suggestions please !


  1. Now is the time , God Given time to do that thing which you always wanted to do, but never got time to do. Do not worry about achievements or laurels, Your family would know how hard you would have worked to give them a comfortable life. They would be so proud of you. That is the sign of a true achievement, and that which you can be happy for, from the heart!

  2. Thanks, Ashwini, no doubt, I am more than satisfied the way I have conducted myself in public life!

  3. "BA padhe , naukar bane, pension mili aur mar gaye"....this is what happens with most of aam hindustani here.....but in a way its good that you completed your service period peacefully....
    wish you happy n healthy retired life ahead...:)