Saturday, December 1, 2012

Monkeys at Shimla

Monkeys are known to be predators, pranksters and thanks  to Darwin’s theory of evolution ,our forefathers  too .Looking at monkeys, we human beings consciously or otherwise  try to trace our origin to them , from their  behaviour pattern and movements. They are an interesting topic of study. Many years ago I read an  account by Rudyard Kipling- Monkeys at Shimla – with added interest as  a Shimlaite .Later , I spent  many years as  a resident of   Jakhu Hills ,  a natural abode of monkeys at Shimla .The monkeys at Shimla are a permanent nuisance  and it is difficult for the residents to carry eatables  openly  without inviting trouble for themselves. I for one have always been  in awe of  monkeys as in case one of the simians digs its teeth into your flesh, you have to undergo a  regular  course of treatment  by  vaccination.

With this thing in my mind , I always carried eatables  either in a zipped up bag or even inside an umbrella. And the best way is to pass by without looking at them . The place in Shimla where I live now can easily be called second abode of monkeys but they are a gentler lot  than the ones that we come across on the Mall  and at or near Jakhu   and live in harmony with  human beings . They never seem to be in an attacking mood  and never tinker or mess with things lying outside. I come across  a number of them daily   on my way  to and from home  and just bending a bit to  act as if to carry a small pebble scares them away. Of course, when face to face with an army of monkeys, I  recite  Hanuman Chalisa   mentally , seeking monkey god’s help .

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  1. I Love Monkeys, that is the not-so-troubling ones. But I've heard and read about the troublesome monkeys too. Somehow I find them cute, till they maintain a distance. :-)