Sunday, March 3, 2013

This one is different !

Ever seen a monkey asking for something to eat ?  At least the  answer from me is in the affirmative. I have written in my earler post that monkeys at my new place of residence are a gentler lot  and   this one is a living example.

 The least good looking even   by simian standards, it engaged the attention of my wife and me  on a very cold day  this winter when we were sitting around a fire outside our home. It came from nowhere, sat at a distance  and made a typical-----oooooon-sound . My wife ,a  Hanuman bhakt , knowing instinctively, that it was hungry and was asking for something to eat  went inside and brought two chapatis and  gave  to it, which it  gently took in both paws in  a human fashion and went away.  

One day there was a surprise in store for us. My wife brought and  gave it  a  few bread slices , which it  smelt and left . Jokingly  I told my wife that the monkey  had not eaten the bread as  the slices had a thin coating of egg yolk on the outer pieces, and that it was a true vegetarian monkey .My wife then  gave it a roti  which it  ate.    Since  then its visits have become a routine and,  every other day it comes, makes that peculiar sound and  takes  whatever is given  and eats  there and then when no other of its ilk is around.
There are times when there is nothing  to offer, and the door is closed, it knocks at  the door  repeatedly  and goes away when there is no response.
Who  can say animals have no intelligence and they do not respond like human beings  !

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