Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oh , Superstitions !

The  other  day  there  was a shocking  news  of  a 23 year old  qualified engineer  committing suicide in Bengaluru for the simple reason that  a crow  had sat on him twice  and this did not  augur well for him . This is a glaring example  of  superstition   embedded  in our psyche that no amount of education  and enlightenment   can get us out of it.  What worse could have happened to the guy   ! This escapist attitude  is really unfortunate .  One can be sorry for the hapless parents who would have pinned hopes on the guy. There are many other superstitions  and false beliefs  like  a cat crossing your path  will definitely  spoil    your chances of success   at something    for which   you are venturing out  . A    young man   once missed   a very important interview  , as he kept waiting for   another person to  come and  cross  the road as  a cat had crossed his path. 

But sometimes you have strong reasons  to  harbor such beliefs. Decades back   an otherwise very  nice lady in the neighbourhood   proved   unlucky for me  many a time , as  coming across her on an important  day  in the morning  would spell  doom. Fortunately  once she was not around during the time I was to appear for an interview . The fact in itself boosted my confidence and    I appeared for the interview and  by chance  and luck  got the job .

There  was  also a belief  in old times  that  if the shadow of a  flying bird called  Huma   fell on  a person , he was sure to become a king, whatever  his antecedents  and whoever  his   ancestors  might  be.  
I  was born with   the planet   rahu   in  lagna   and my grandfather would wax eloquent that one day I would become a   celebrity or a big man .  I became what I did but certainly not a   celebrity.
Shakes peare always blamed  ‘ the stars above us ‘    that guide our destiny  and contrary to this there is a   famous couplet :

Muqaddar  ki  khabar kya  de  ga  sitara
Din-raat   gardish mein khud hai bichara. 

Both these views appear  to be extreme  and a golden mean needs be struck  in between .


  1. This is a case of a superstition going overboard, sadly there are many people who believe in all that illogical things.

  2. People fail to realize that to what extent superstitions can damage their life.

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  3. Ha Ha. Hope the woman don't come to your sight yet again