Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cooking, no cakewalk !

Being one whose culinary skills are limited to making  tea , sometimes my wife puts me to the task of  overseeing the cooking  of  dal sabzi on gas burner. I  think I have  a good  judgement  of  the process of cooking  in a pressure cooker , as  even under my supervision,  plain rice, and pulao have always turned out well , with  little to complain about. I also know exactly  for how long  potatoes need boiling  to make them just right for  parathas. Sometimes aloo- gobhi  gives a bit of trouble  as both  do not cook simultaneously. But  the real test comes  when  I am left  to supervise  bhindi.  Rightly or wrongly, my wife does not add  even  a drop  of  water  to  vegetables being cooked  dry . Though the  pan is  non –stick, still to play it safe , I always put some  water to hasten the cooking process as also  to see that nothing sticks to the sides of the pan . In the process sometimes  things go awry and  in anger, wife says, “ tum hi khao is sabzi ko “ ,  but eats in silence  in the hope that  some day I will learn  to cook.

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