Monday, February 13, 2017

World Radio Day

Today is World Radio Day.Time to recall my association of a little less than six decades with the wonderful medium .The table version,the battery version, the transistor version all evoke a sense of nostalgia.Vividh Bharti, Radio Ceylon,Urdu Service of AIR, BBC, Shimla and Jalandhar stations are all fresh in the memory even today.Though not a visual medium, we remembered the names of broadcasters and presenters and recognized their voices.Ameen Sayani who presented Binaca Geetmala, Devki Nandan Pandey, Harish Kashyap, Vinod Kashyap, Roshan Menon, Urmila Mishra- the news presenters were all household names. So far as Akashvani Shimla is concerned, Kalawati Thakur, Amar Nath Thakur, Amar Singh Thakur, Ram Kumar Kaley, Prem Lata Verma, Shanta Walia,Vijay Saraswati, Shankar Lal, Ashwani Kumar Garg,Achhar Singh Parmar were not only familiar voices but also familiar faces.Kundan Sharma and Hem Raj Sharma of AIR Jalandhar also come to mind.
I call the Radio wonderful because, it never distracted. Studies and listening to Radio could go together.Household chores could be done while listening to the Radio.
The memories are enchanting and captivating !!
Happy listening !

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