Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I have grown up listening to  Hindi film music  on the AllIndia Radio, now rechristened  as  Akashvani, my favourite  being  the  Urdu  Service. Amongst  the many songs  I have listened to, some  stand out  for  beautiful  melodious tunes set to, no less than the inimitable  voice of great  playback  singers.
I would like to mention particularly-  
  “ Aa   laut ke aaja mere meet …” from the film  ‘Rani Roopmati’  separately sung by both Mukesh and Lata Mangeshkar ;
 “Pawan Veg se udne wale  ghodey” from the film  Jai  Chittor sung by Lata Mangeshkar ;
  Bahadur Shah  Zafar’s   “ Na kisi ki  aankh ka nor hun”  sung by Mohammad Rafi  in  his sonorous echoing voice  for  the film  ‘Lal Qila’;
 “Zara Samane to aao  chhaliye..” which remained in the top slot on Binaca Geetmal for quite some time  and was  from the  film  ‘Janam Janam ke Phere ‘  ;
 “ Jhoomti  chali hawa ..” from the film  ‘Sangeet Samrat Tansen’ sung by  Mukesh  ;
  “ Parwar digar-e-alam  tera hi hai sahara”  from the film ‘Hatim Tai’ sung by Mohammad  Rafi ;
 “Un par kaun kare ji vishwas ..” from the film  ‘Kavi Kalidas’ sung  by Mohammad Rafi and  Lata Mangeshkar ;
“Nain ka chain  chura kar le gayi  kar gayi  neend haraam ..”  from the film ‘Chandramukhi’ sung  so beautifully by  Mukesh  .
There must be many others which I am not able to recollect. The  music of all the above melodies was composed by  S.N. Tripathi  whose   death anniversary  falls today.
Though  a celebrated  music  director , a less known fact about him is that he  acted in a number of films also and was particularly fond of playing Hanuman .His debut as  an actor  was in film Jiwan Naiya in 1936.
He also directed the film Rani Roopmati  besides, composing  music for it .He also directed the film  Kavi kalidas, Pakshiraj and   Ram Hanuman Yuddh.
He was also the first composer to use the slogan  ‘Jai Hind’  in a film song  in 1946 while India was still under British rule.  
He died this day in 1988 aged 75.
Our humble  tributes to the multifaceted   film personality. .

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