Sunday, May 15, 2011

स्कूल की किताब से

" इक इलम दी ऊण है, मुंडे पढने पाइ
दूजा झस्स शराब दा, इस तों जान छुड़ाइ
तीजा ऐब कुमत दा खहि खहि मरो भराइ
फेर मुकद्दमा लड़देयां झुग्गा उज्जड जाइ
जे इनां दे पंजिओं पा जावें छुटकार
फेर वी पूरी न पवे तां 'चात्रिक ' जुम्मेवार "

-धनी राम चात्रिक


  1. VAAH !
    bahut khoob.chaatrik ki rachna school mein padha karte the.beete zamaane yaad aa gye.
    bahut aabhaar.

  2. Sounds interesting , but unfortunately i failed to understand the meaning of these lovely lines.

  3. In these lines the poet has described the importance of education : advised to shun the drinking habit, not to induge in any ladai-jhagra which may result in litigation and wasteful expenditure thereon . Once out of the clutches of these vices, one can easily make both ends meet !
    I hope you like it , Zeal !

  4. .

    RK Sir,

    Thanks for translating it for my convenience. Indeed very inspiring lines.


    @-I hope you like it , Zeal !

    You are a gem of a person . Seldom i come across such wonderful people in my life. Whatever you will post here will definitely be inspiring and motivating for me and for others as well.

    I have not seen you and I do not know you much , but I love you and have tremendous respect for you.