Sunday, December 25, 2011

Death of a War Hero !

Having a good memory is not always a good thing. Here’s a news of sudden and sad demise of Brig. Rattan Nath Sharma, MVC , a veteran of 1971 war with Pakistan almost after forty years , when he earned laurels for himself and the state of Himachal Pradesh, to which he belonged. My memory takes me back to 1971, when as a college going teenager, I felt proud when Photographs of three Army officers from Himachal appeared in the news papers, having been awarded the Mahavir Chakra , the second highest Gallantry Award .The officers were, Lt.Col. Rattan Nath Sharma,( later Brigadier), Lt.Col. K.L.Rattan , who rose to be a Major General , and Major Vijai Singh Mankotia, later a well known name in Himachal politics.About more than seventeen years back, when I was posted at Palampur, I happened to pass by Brig. Sharma's beautiful house , while looking for a suitable residential accommodation. Just about ten days back, media was full of articles about the 1971 war and the country gratefully remembered and paid tributes to all those who contributed to the victory ; and now one of the war heroes is gone
R.I.P. Brig. Sharma !


  1. my tributes to Brig. Sharma.

  2. Sad to know about him...undoubtedly people like him are the real hero of the nation.....!!!

  3. @Zeal


    ....and the cruel irony is that the death was caused after being hit by a speeding vehicle when he was waiting for a bus somewhere near Chandigarh !

  4. very sad to know about him
    heartfelt salute to his services

  5. always sad to bide farewell to those who have made positive impacts on life in general.

  6. Thank you Aarkay, for your very touching recount of your memories of my father, Brig Rattan Nath Sharma. We are so grateful that you and the others here have paid this tribute to him.
    Today is his first death anniversary and we take heart from the good wishes of all of you. God bless you !