Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow- a mixed blessing

I was amused when the 20-25 cm snow at Shimla. was referred to as heavy in the media- print as well as visual and tourists and the local people complaining of slippery roads , which comes as a necessary fall out whenever there is a snowfall.. Having spent most of my life in Shimla and the tribal area of Himachal Pradesh, I have seen really heavy snowfall – anywhere between 3 to 7 feet when life virtually came to a standstill . In my childhood I have seen labourers being engaged by the people to clear snow off the roofs of houses lest these gave way under the weight , causing loss to life and property. No doubt a thick layer of snow added to height of the house.

I am reminded of the lines of a heart rending ghazal rendered beautifully by Jagjit- Chitra duo :

Koi samjhega kya raaz-e-gulshan…..

…….. azmat-e- ashiana bada di

Barf ko dost samjhoon ki dushman…..

Indeed snow is a mixed blessing !


  1. Yes, snow is a mixed blessing. Good when it falls but aftermath is not so great

  2. @ Amrit:

    You are right Amrit ji, that the aftermath is not so great..... rather it could be disastrous . Here's the recent news of five persons buried alive under a glacier in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. In fact everyone is on his/her toes all the time as to what the snow has in store !
    Thanks !

  3. The news is shocking. Indeed disastrous for labourers.

  4. Glad to see you back after a long interval.

  5. i really want to be there and experience the moment of snowfall......

  6. @ZEAL:

    I have been busy in shifting to our house after living for about 10 years in a Govt accommodation.It was thought wise to get the repairs and renovation done while there was still time . I shall be retiring after a few months.I got my computer and internet fixed only the other day . Besides, some small matters are yet to be taken care of.
    Thanks, Zeal, for remembering !

  7. @ Irfanuddin :

    Irfan ji, distance lends charm to the view, as they say! I think this year, we have not had much of snow but it is really very very cold.You are welcome , but it is in God's hand , when the bounty may fall !

  8. for someone who hasn't seen snow (except the artificial one in Hyderabad's snow world)barf toh dost hi hai. the visuals of kids playing in it is so appealing.
    never thought of it as being a pain for houses due to it weight. hmmm

    1. ....that's why we call it a mixed blessing . While it is necessary for perennial water supply for drinking and irrigation purposes, it is no less devastating beyond a certain limit !
      Thanks for visiting Sujatha Ji .

  9. been long since u wrote something
    well, let me read an older post till then :)