Monday, February 13, 2012

Where is my Valentine !

“Mohabbat ke liye kuchh khas dil makhsoos hote hain

Ye woh nagma hai jo har saaz par gaya nahin jata”

I would like to take some liberty with the above couplet and modify it thus :

"Mohabbat ke liye ye khas din makhsoos hota hai

Ye woh nagma hai jo hardin kabhi gaya nahin jata".

Come 14th February a.k.a Valentine Day, and every thing including the air smells of love. I do not know whether the lovers gain any thing out of the market gimmicks, that have an open play, but the shopkeepers and traders do have a field day. Not that I am against any thing of the sort - rather I envy the young lovers who wait for this day all the year for their love to find expression or take wings . I look , in vain for my Valentine, who seems to be lost somewhere and has taken the form of a matronly figure- mother of my kids – whom even suggestion of some endearment from me gives creeps.


  1. i just read in Femina that in Colaba (Bombay) a five-star hotel has a Valentine day special meal for Rs 3.5 lakhs!!!!!!!! and there are bookings too!
    GOD! are they having a field day or what!!

    btw, you haven't' seen my comment son your older post? pls do check.posted long back

  2. Of course, they are having a field day as I said - as we say in Hindi- chaandi koot rahey hain !

    I am afraid you have to go to my old post again !
    Thanks, Sujatha !

  3. i went n saw that u responded only to scandal point. baaki ke posts pe likhe comments nai padhe???

    1. I could find your comments only in the three other recent ones. Please help if there are more !

  4. Undoubtedly, its all market gimmicks....and i wish you get one soon...:)

  5. I could find your comments only in the three recent ones. Please help if there are more !

  6. Ah yes the silly fuss around Valentine's Day- it actually reminds me of the uselessness of going crazy at someone's funeral when you did not bother to acknowledge them in life. To me- every day should be a day to show love to each other and we don't need ONE particular day to waste money or time-- my hubby and I have never gotten into the Valentine's day thing- but we are quick to offer each other surprises all throughout the year.

  7. Too much of hype by the Media. It's lost its true Meaning.