Friday, September 28, 2012

Lata Mangeshkar- Mohammad Rafi

A news item quoting  the legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar as saying that the Late Mohammad Rafi , another legendary   singer had tendered her  an written apology  on differences  over the issue of royalty, when she had refused to sing with him -  is disgusting. Such a  statement   coming in the wake of   Lata Mangeshkar’s  83rd  birthday, when millions of  music lovers  across the  world   would be greeting her  and praying for  & wishing  for her long life , is certainly  uncalled for , ill timed   and  out of place , as  Rafi  Sahib   bade adieu to this world more than three decades back. I wonder, what points Lata Mangeshkar   was seeking to score, when  the issue  presents Rafi  in a  better light- as he emerges as a fine human being the least materialistically inclined . All he had said that there was no question of royalty  being claimed by  the singer or  the artiste  when he had already been paid .Rafi Saheb was  a loving and lovable person with no rancour or ill will towards any one.How hurt he must have felt when  forced to seek an apology.The reaction of Rafi Sahib’s son is  only natural , as  Rafi  was no less a  celebrity or a  legend  than Lata Mangeshkar  though comparisons seem odious at times .  Together they sang  many  unforgettable duets.


  1. i read this news today and was thinking exactly same....its really unfortunate that someone like Lata ji is talking this way....whatever has happened between her and the legendary Rafi Saheb should not be discussed in such a way....

  2. True. They've song some really wonderful songs together. And This is totally uncalled for, specially when one person is not even around. And they should have some respect for Rafi Saheb!

  3. Read about this news and Rafi Jr's version too... unfortunate and weird that Lata M should be doing this for something that happened more than 3 decades ago! Publicity gimmick?? But does she need one??