Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mirror fast

 A few days back , I read about ‘ mirror fast ‘  being recommended   for  celebrities, especially those , whose looks  matter a lot as far as their profession is concerned. The celebrities would naturally include  film actors, stage artistes ,  media presenters  etc. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have been signing papers and pushing files   throughout my working career  which has had nothing to do my looks. Still age catching up with you is the concern of all ; crow’s  feet , furrowed face, laughing lines appearing all of a sudden are no laughing matter even for a less- than- ordinary –looks   person  like me. I have been virtually  on a mirror fast for quite some years, though, I have discovered the term only lately or may be  this  is a new invention altogether. What with the ever growing and burgeoning cosmetics   and wellness  industry , age does take its toll on all of us , so why not   accept the reality and face old age and fading & sagging  looks  gracefully ! Why run away from the mirror  and observe ‘mirror fast ‘ which is just like burying  one’s head in the sand  like an ostrich !


  1. well, i personally feel that its a subjective issue and depends on how one takes his/her look as he/she may find many people who never color their grey hairs and walk with confidence but at the same time there are plenty who simply get bothered only for couple of grey hairs and never forget to color them its all about personal choice....

    Though i do agree with you sir that people must take things gracefully as they get older day by day.....

  2. Thank you Irfan ji. It is a subjective issue, however an article in Sunday TOI prompted me to write this. You will agree that both narcissism and anti- narcissisism are extremes and are best avoided. Your comment makes my day.
    Thanks again !