Thursday, June 26, 2014

Why are we so unreasonable !

After hearing of the shocking news of attempted suicide by Tanu Sharma, anchor, India TV due to alleged continued harassment by her seniors, I thanked my stars that I was in a job where looks or pleasing personality did not matter and I slogged through thirty five years of career in Banking sector and in Govt. No doubt ,at times I bumped into bosses who did not like my face or did not like to see my face, not in the literal sense but for the simple reason or so they thought that I was not pliable – caught , as I was , between doing justice to the assigned duties and to keep my job in tact to earn a pension. Most of the time my seniors were supportive , and never did I have to hear the crap from them as unfortunately Tanu Sharma reportedly did .This episode however sets one thinking, why there is clash of egos or of temperament and why one says uncharitable things to the other. 

Meanwhile good luck to Tanu for her speedy recovery . Jobs will be aplenty elsewhere !

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