Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Adieu, R K Laxman !

It is shocking to hear of the sad demise of  R.K.Laxman , the celebrity cartoonist albeit  at  a ripe old age of  94. In essence he was the voice of the common man.  His cartoon strip “You said it !” adorned the pages of  “Times of India “  for more than half a century .The paper  gained popularity  due also to  Laxman’s  cartoons  apart from  high quality editorials  and well written articles  that the paper carried. Fearless as he was, no one, howsoever high and mighty could escape his sharp eye and wit . In fact he held a mirror to the political class of the times  The late Jawahar Lal Nehru  personally complimented  Laxman by making a telephone call, when  post  1962 war with China, his cartoon featuring Nehru, obviously not in a favourable  light  appeared in TOI. That speaks volumes for both  great personalities .

R I P  Mr. Laxman  !

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