Friday, January 23, 2015

Ah, Winter !

Come winter, and  I am reminded  of  what life was like in winters  in  Shimla of  sixties and seventies.  Schools and colleges had long vacations  and  mostly students  were  free spirits , as they had nothing to do  after  being  promoted to the next class  having passed the annual exam held in December. Only students  who had to appear in Matric and Higher Secondary Exams  in March  felt  burdened with studies , quite a few of them   also attending  extra  classes  for better results. To the Collegiate, studies posed no such burden, as exams were held  towards the end of March or early April. My mother  ensured that each one of us siblings had a couple of hand woven  sweaters and two pairs each of woolen socks  during the winters.
 Once during one such winter,  as a college going student , I decided not  to wear any sweater or socks , much to the annoyance of my mother , who tried hard to cajole me into wearing  the woolens, already  in place for me. But adamant as I was, I spent the entire winter   wearing shirt and pajamas. Surprisingly, I had no cold or cough during  the  entire season , though I had swollen feet  which used to itch badly at night. That shows I had enough  resistance as a teenager . Now  on the threshold of old age  (?), I  always  have to wear   woolen socks and  a jacket in addition to the sweater  and  thermal wear  to keep myself warm .

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