Monday, May 25, 2015


A controversy is  going on about Maggi  containing  more than the  permitted quantity  of MSG .This worries me  also a  bit. I remember, when Maggi 2 minute noodles hit the Indian  market  in late seventies or early eighties amid  wide publicity and advertisement in all types of media, it became a hot favourite with the urban  moms.  Here was  an easy way to satisfy the hunger of  infants and growing up school children , especially when they came back from school crying hunger. With no child in our family at that point of time, packets of Maggi were brought with great fanfare to see what it tasted like. No one liked it , my mother particularly  rejecting it  for having  जैलणु (worm) like appearance.

Later,  when I was posted at Pooh, in the tribal district of Kinnaur in 1986.I saw packets and packets of Maggi , prominently displayed in  3-4 shops there. With no halwai shop worth the name where  one could indulge  with occasional  samosa  or gulab jamun, or pakoras , Maggi   was the only available  choice by way of snacks.Surprisingly the initial aversion or hesitation  turned to liking it , which persists to this day. My son, whenever comes home on leave, always asks , “Maggi hai na  ghar mein ?”. And I set about to  prepare it for him , the only  thing I can prepare, besides tea. Hope  Nestle  does something about it to  put  the controversy to rest. 

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