Monday, May 21, 2012

Grandpa’s Hookah

A far cry from the fancy, stylish, exotic and ornate hookahs or hukkas   now available in a number  of varieties  and designs to choose from, my grandpa’s hookah was  a simple mundane affair , a non-fussy wooden structure , about 18 inches in height ,  with a   brass bowl  as the base. The brass bowl had an opening on one side from where to  fill it with water  and also to insert the wooden pipe with a brass end. One the top of the hukka was placed an earthen katori  , which had to be filled with some dried tobacco and  burnt charcoal taken right from the kitchen chulha. .
  Grandpa, in his  eighties  some 45 years back was   agile and alert , would walk straight, though he needed a stick for support due to poor eyesight. Having served under the British, he had travelled up to Kabul. . His hukka was very dear to him, beedis or cigarette  being only a poor substitute , if need be.Whenever we visited our village during vacation or for some ceremony,