Thursday, May 10, 2012

Indian Coffee House-II

I have written in   one of my earlier posts that    sometimes my small wishes  are   granted and I consider myself lucky to that extent.  Strangely   for the last two months, I had harboured a wish to   be able to   gorge on  South Indian    delicacies like Dosa, Vada, Idli, Uttapam etc   at affordable rates  as  I am not used to having a regular lunch.   I had been a regular visitor to the  Indian Coffee House on the Mall, Shimla,  when it was near my work place , but  for many years I have been out of Shimla, and  when I did return, none of my offices was near the Mall , so I could binge on my favourite stuff.  These days my office is in Kasumpati, a suburb of Shimla, which has emerged as a hub of most of the offices of State Government  as well as Central Govt  and some corporations.

No wonder, it came as a godsend when someone in the office informed me that The Indian Coffee House society had opened an   eating joint at Kasumpati. The very next day , I visited  the coffee house, conspicuous by its sign board or the signature board which is the same through out   the Country.  There are about sixteen tables laid , sufficient to accommodate   sixty plus persons  at a time . The stuff offered   is  of the same  quality  as is served on the Mall  and  about  40   items  are  listed on  a board  mounted  on the wall .However, I found  that it  lacks the ambience  that one finds on the Mall , as there is a narrow road running through the bazaar,  on  vehicular   traffic goes on  throughout the day. May be, one would feel better when, the upper storey   also becomes ready to accommodate more people. It is a welcome development for the public especially the employees who want to savour the delicacies   without getting a hole burnt in the pocket.  


  1. Yes Sir. It's always the small things in Life that matter the most! Happy that what you were craving for, finally made its way to you :-)

  2. Thanks Ashwani ! As they say in Hindi " shakkar khorey ko shakkar mil hi jaati hai ",

    I have starting going to the place quite often !