Friday, March 25, 2011

Dream of watching " Dream Girl "

I can say I am a very contented man , happy with what I have and do not pine for what I do not have. Still I do have some wishes at times , though very small ones and am most happy when these small wishes are granted by Him. I had an occasion to feel grateful when my small dream of watching “Dream Girl ” was fulfilled.

It was in the seventies that I had landed a bank job near Solan . Still a bachelor , once when I was having a walk on the Mall , I saw posters of the movie “Dream Girl ” with attractive faces of the lead pair Dharmender and Hema Malini.. With some vague idea of having some Chandramukhi entering my life , at once I felt a desire to watch the movie , but did not know how it would be possible. New in a job, it looked odd to apply for leave , especially to watch a movie , and evening/ night show was completely ruled out in my case as I did not live within walking distance. As if only to help me out, the Govt of India, in its wisdom decided to demonetize the Currency Notes of Rs One thousand denomination and a day was fixed for the banks to exchange such notes at the SBOP , Solan, which was carrying out such like functions. The only currency note that my branch had, had been exchanged earlier, so with nothing else to do, it was a paid holiday. Needless to say, I watched the Movie that day.

The movie did not disappoint me. !

The lead pair also were to marry each other in real life , as we all know .

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  1. Very few people know the significance of small-small wishes . Fortunate I am in this regard .