Sunday, May 28, 2017

Shaving the beard

One of the small landmarks that I met somewhat as a challenge was to learn to shave my beard.Like it happens with every boy growing into adulthood or later into manhood, hair started appearing on the sides of my face when I was only sixteen.Not a happy proposition to see your face covered with hair 'unwanted' at that stage ! Unavoidable and inevitable as it was, my first impulse was to have the machine run over my face at the time of hair cut every month or so.This would give me some satisfaction of having a smooth face.But this could not go on for long as stubble started appearing on my chin.It was too early to go for a regular shave , so my father sensing my predicament found a way out. Every Sunday when he set about to start his ritual of shaving, he would make me sit beside and gave me a shave applying shaving cream with a brush and then smoothly running razor blade over my face. This was enough for the time being. After a year or so of continuing like this, one day I sat before the mirror and slowly and warily had my first shave with my own hands, without any cut or bruises. Later though I had a problem with a new blade as I didn't take enough care and would run the razor in a slipshod manner often eliciting the comment" Shave kar raha hai ki ghas kaat raha hai?".
I have been shaving daily for decades now and developed some reflexes to be able to have a smooth shave without a mirror in front.Of course for chin and down to throat I use twin blades as a precaution.
Practice does make you perfect, after all !

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