Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Today when my daughter said “ Papa , today is 9-2-11” , it made me sit up and reminisce about this special date. Why special , one may ask, as no unfortunate events like the 9/11 or 26/11 are associated with it ! “ because it contains a mathematical sequence, i.e. 9+2 =11.” But then perhaps, the date 2-9-11 would also be special . May be and may not be, as only 9-2-11 reminds us of the 1957 Dev Anand movie “ Nau Do Gyarah" and 2006 movie- Taxi No 9 2 11. And the Hindi idiom, nau do gyarah hona baffles all , as to its origin , though the inadequate explanation given is that one walks or runs away with two legs, which are best symbolized by the figure 11 .


  1. .

    Each and every date is associated with some special event . Anyways eleventh is so very special in my life .

    Now 13th Feb is special 'cause I'm following you from today .

    And I am your 9th follower !

    Smiles !


  2. Thanks ZEAL , for making the date 13th so auspicious for me ! Had got stuck up with number 8 for so long.

  3. Great Sir. Interesting Idea and U put it to paper. GoooooooooooooD.