Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine or " Well in Time " Day !

At the outset , I think, I should make it clear , that in partial adherence to the tenets of Vanprastha ashram, as enshrined in the Vedic tradition, my wife and I do not share a room..

Today I received a missed call from my wife Kaki at 6-20 in the morning. Not one to expect miracles , like the Sun rising in the West , and being one who knows her as well as the back of my hand , it took me no time to understand that this was a wake up call , for me to get up and do whatever little household duties I have assumed, like switching on the geyser and serving milk to my kids before Her Highness takes over so that everyday routine does not get disturbed. Now how dare I tell her that I was having some sweet dream about celebrating Valentine day when her call hurled me to the hard ground . Once again this was a cruel reminder of the fact that any kind of celebration- even in a dream - is not meant for me. Friends who make any mention of Valentine day are greeted by me with the following couplet

Na ched ai nikahat-e- bad-e- bahari raah lag apni

Tujhey athkheliyan soojhi hain hum bezaar bathey hain.

as the Valentine day for me has turned into a “well in time” day !


  1. बहारों फूल बरसाओ मेरा महबूब आया है ,
    झूठ मत बोलो, मिस कॉल तो आया है ।

  2. .

    Honestly speaking , i truly enjoyed reading it .

    "Well in time " !...Loving it !