Monday, February 28, 2011

Wishing Happy Birthday to a ' Leapling '

It is in the hands of the Providence to decide in what age, era, times or on which date you are to be born. In other words, it is certainly not up to you. However, the persons born on 29th February are so special. Their birthday comes not every year but every four years. In my living memory, this matter came more to light when, Mr. Morarji Desai, became Prime Minister of India, his date of birth being 29th February. For some years now , there is a very friendly neighbour who was also born on this date. I convey my best wishes to him on 1st March every year, but am most happy when a leap year comes as I am able to convey my best wishes exactly when I should .


  1. Good reminder of 29th of feb.I almost forgot that there is a leap year ahead.Good work,pal.

  2. .

    People born on 29th Feb are indeed special on this count . Convey my birthday wishes to your neighbor on my behalf also.

    I had a friend who's ID was 'Pisces' . He was an orphan . I used to wish him daily in the month of march, 'cause his date was unknown .

    Once he said - "Do not love me so much , I'm not used to it and he parted forever."

    Dunno why the month of March reminds me of him. Today i do not know where he is but my wishes are always there for my lost friend.


    1. Same as u I have a friend whom I don't know where he is.

  3. Interesting and right at the nick of time Sir.