Thursday, February 24, 2011

CRY of the children !

“ Ghar se masjid hai bahut door,

Chalo yun kar len

Kisi rotay huey bachchey ko hansaaya jaye…….”

-these famous lines of Nida Fazli point to a very basic philosophy of life- learn to love human beings and try to alleviate their suffering before you worship God .

Now please go through the following news item :

Chandigarh: Sujata Dass, a 1978-batch Punjab-cadre IAS officer who is posted as secretary, vigilance inquiries, Punjab, has been booked by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). She had slapped the child, Garima, who is a nursery student, in full public view.

Garima was returning from school in an auto rickshaw when the incident took place. The auto rickshaw driver stopped the vehicle in the Sector 38 market to drop a child and stepped out with the ignition on.

In the meantime Dass, who stays here in Sector 39, reached there in her official Honda City car. Garima accidentally pulled the gear lever and the auto rickshaw banged the rear door of the car. Infuriated, Dass came out and thrashed the child.

Garima is a nursery student at Delhi Public school in Sector 40 here.

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Is this not in sharp contrast to what the poet has said above. We are simply making children weep by slapping them when, even if the child is at fault , a light reprimand would do !


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  2. Sir, I don't think there was much wrong in just slapping the child if the slap was a slap.As a father what would you have done and be honest. So please the incident in that light, Shoul we erase the dictum from the literature- Spare the rod and spoil the child ?

  3. I agree with you Bali ji , but the incident just smacks of highhanded attitude . Moreover I would think twice before slapping a child , other than my own, tha too a defenceless 3-4 year old !

    Thanks !

  4. .

    In any case one must not hit a child because they are ignorant of pros and cons in many cases. They do not know what they are doing , nor they are aware of the results of their doings.

    Instead of losing temper , one can guide the kid on that very instance and can make him aware of the situation . This way , they may learn something . Slap cannot teach them anything.


  5. I hope that the society comes out of the paradigm of slapping or scoulding. These things only create paradigm in childern mind and they do the same when they grow old. Of course after two three times warning you might have to use hard route.