Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Please Spare the Blade !

“Spare the rod and spoil the child ” is an old saying universally acknowledged and accepted and along with parents, it is enjoined upon the teachers to not only make the children familiar with three ‘ R’s and to teach them but also to shape them into good citizens and human things when they grow up. With this in view, parents very rarely react to routine corporal punishment given to their wards . Students too take such punishment in their stride and bear no ill will towards their teachers for this.

But the problem arises when some teachers overstep themselves and in the name of discipline and for taming the mischievous and inattentive students, start hitting below the belt literally and metaphorically. The suicide by a teen-aged girl as a result of continuous humiliation and hurt caused by some teacher is still fresh in our mind and lately, a news has been flashed where- should I say - a sadistic teacher gave a blade cut on the ears of a number of small innocent children in a school in Haridwar in Uttarakhand . The cut may heal in a few days, but psychological hurt may not. This takes me back to my own school days, when rod was not spared and students did get slapped or spanked , but not without justifiable reason.

As usual there will be efforts to shield the culprit.

Still one hopes that the erring teacher is brought to justice so that such incidents do not take place again.


  1. .

    Such teachers those who hit the innocent students are indeed sick . They need medical care .

    I am strictly against hitting children . Be it by parents or by teachers.


  2. Definitely to beat kids or students brutally is not acceptable and I do agree upto that degree, but soon I will be there with my post with the other aspect of the subject and I think U people will definitely understand the plight and woe of a teacher.