Monday, April 18, 2011

The Good Samaritan

The above link will lead one to a beautiful "Middle " by Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu , which transported me back to my days in Kinnaur, where I spent close to eight years covering two service tenures in the eighties and nineties . Though the writer has not mentioned as to in which area of Kinnaur, she and her companions had an encounter with Gila Ram, the proud Kinnauri, a reference to Nesang brandy , made me nostalgic somewhat . For the information of readers , I may add that Nesang is a village in the Moorang tehsil of Pooh sub-division of District Kinnaur and Nesang brandy is the name given to the locally brewed alcohol , reportedly its taste being peculiar and different from the local brand brewed or distilled elsewhere in the district. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have no first hand experience of any kind in this matter. To any body's guess, Angoori is made from the grapes. The most common and cheapest brand is known as Ghanti and somewhat superior and costlier variety is known as Moori .Gur, Barley and Chuli, ( wild apricots ) are the source or the raw material used. This appears to be a compulsion due to extreme cold conditions prevailing in the winters. The local residents are required to possess a license, renewable every year ,for such distillation and are allowed to keep a stock of some 12 or 24 bottles at a time.

....and I beg pardon of some of the well meaning readers for straying again into alien territory of those who love to have the occasional sip .

Salute to the likes of Gila Ram !

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