Saturday, April 30, 2011

Habib Wali Muhammad

I am afraid I am no connoisseur of music so far as technicalities are concerned , but I can say that I can tell good music from bad – though my personal liking will have much to do with that ! As a school kid, when Radio receiver set or the transistor set were the limited options for listening to music, a bhajan Shri Ramchandra kripalu bhajman haran bhav bhaya darunam…………,” particularly held me charmed and captivated due to beautiful voice of the singer as well as the composition. After some years, it was a revelation for me that the bhajan had been rendered in the voice of Habib Wali Muhammad, who migrated to Pakistan some ten years after partition.

Later on I came to listen and like many ghazals by him like , Yeh na thi hamari kismet ke visaale yaar hota of Mirza Ghalib, Lagta nahin hai jee mera ujdey dayar mein of Bahadurshah Zafar , Kab mera nasheman ahle chaman of Qamar Jalavi , Aaj Jane ji zid na karo of Fayyaz Hashmi , Gajra bana ke le aa, malaniya of Afshan Rana and some others also.

Thanks to Youtube and other music sites, it is easy to listen to these beautiful ghazals sung by the maestro !

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  1. I quite often connect with the voice of the singer. The bhajan and songs you mentioned are so close to my heart. Now i know why i felt like sharing my pain here only. Something in common prolly.