Monday, February 15, 2010

How I wish...............!

Moustaches, defined as “ a strip of hair allowed to grow under the nose "have long been considered a sign of manhood as well as manliness. We have grown up hearing “ jiski moonchh, uska sab kuchh" umpteen of times. A twirl of moustaches has always been considered not only a sign of strength and the power you wield but also an open challenge for a fight.On the other hand lowering of moustaches has signified loss of esteem and abject helplessness . Moustaches always add to the looks and people go for different styles suiting their face and appearance. In days gone by, people used to rear and nurture their moustaches by applying oil or malai . I still remember Ajay Devgun hiding his face in the movie " Pyaar to hona hi tha " after a barber removes his moustaches by mistake.

" Moonchhein hon toh Nathu Lal ki jaisi nahin toh hon hi naa ", is a famous line from a equally famous film. I have neither seen the movie nor any photograph of the filmy Nathu Lal , but I am sure his stuff would be something to envy and crave for.I must say I have not been as lucky as that guy for I have not been able to grow mine as thick so that I could boast of “ghani kali kali moonchhen " when there was still time. Nevertheless , the same not-so-good growth in my case has sometimes evoked envious feelings in my not so lucky friends and colleagues who never dared to sport moustaches lest the countable bristles should make a laughing stock out of them. A banker friend, now a senior manager with a nationalized bank would always point towards my “ porcupine needles pointing towards every possible direction " out of a streak of envy , our deep friendship notwithstanding .

Irony has never left me, that is why in my case greying and thickening of the “growth beneath the nose " have happened simultaneously. In my fifties now,the growth is so quick and thick that I have to trim it every alternate day as who would like to have “ white " moustaches dangling loosely on the face .
How I wish the growth were so quick and thick in my youth to make the people turn and have a look !