Saturday, July 31, 2010

अजीब इत्तफाक

अजीब इत्तफाक है. आज इकतीस जुलाई है. एक महान शक्सियत का जन्मदिन है तो दूसरे की बरसी. जी हाँ मेरा इशारा उपन्यास सम्राट मुंशी प्रेम चंद और मशहूर गायक मुहम्मद रफ़ी की ओर है . दोनों ही अपने अपने फन के माहिर जिन पर हर भारतवासी गर्व कर सकता है .

Friday, July 30, 2010

Marriage Anniversary

Marriages, they say are made in heaven and celebrated on earth. But this saying does not seem to hold water seeing how brittle the once “sacred bond of love between the two souls” has become.
Lucky are those who have the time, the means, the inclination and the reasons to celebrate their wedding anniversaries. Mine passes off as a non event year after year. Leave other things, perhaps this is reason enough to celebrate if you are able to stay together for decades under the same roof with never a thought to wish otherwise, in these days when there can be a divorce from either side on the drop of a hat. Reportedly the roving eye of Md. Azharuddin has stopped at a new damsel . The most recent incident is the reported marital crisis involving Rahul Mahajan and Dimpi . Therefore, those who choose to celebrate their wedding anniversaries have every right to do so and flaunt the expensive gifts the spouses exchange to reiterate their sacred bond of love. For me, if you have caring, loving and obedient kids, they are the best gift you have given each other. Not to talk of marriages breaking up for no understandable reasons, I read in an imaginary and imaginative article that Sania Mirza broke her engagement with Sohrab Mirza saying, there was no fun in marriage if it was not going to give one a new surname . Going by the recent convention when girls choose to retain their maiden surname along side the new surname that the marriage bestows, imagine Sania calling herself Sania Mirza Mirza- how odd it would seem. Worse still, take the example of my wife whose maiden as well as adoptive surname happen to be ‘Sharma ‘. If she were to call herself K. Sharma Sharma , it would appear that she is impudent enough to be told to become shy and demure by saying Sharma .Sharma… ! (sharmati kyon nahin ! ). She is saved this embarrassment, for not being intelligent enough to have raised this issue at the time of her engagement .

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

" शाहीन "

" शाहीन " ( बाज़ ) शब्द का प्रयोग शायरों द्वारा भिन्न-भिन्न सन्दर्भों में बड़ी खूबसूरती से किया गया है :
"पंजा जल्लाद का बनाया जिसने
शाना कातिल का थपथपाया जिसने
क्या हिफ्ज़े कबूतर का नहीं वह जामिन
शाहीन को दिया शिकार-ए-ताज़ा जिसने "
" सितारों से आगे जहाँ और भी हैं
अभी इश्क के इम्तिहाँ और भी हैं
तू शाहीन है परवाज़ है काम तेरा
तेरे सामने आसमां और भी हैं "