Friday, November 13, 2015

Diwali sans Lights

One need not be told that Diwali is a festival of lights and besides cleaning up, people fix fancy lights in and around their houses for festive look . But what if power goes off ! This is exactly what happened on Diwali day in our locality when due to some sudden fault or breaking of lines, lights went off at 6:45 PM and the entire locality plunged into darkness. One had to be content with earthen lamp lights and candles, which however are more important for Diwali . One could feast on lights in distant localities visible . This did not dampen the enthusiasm of those who made the most of the occasion by bursting crackers and fireworks. The next day was no better, as no geyser would work , no internet on computer, no charging of mobile though the battery had almost exhausted. This brought out excessive dependence on electricity. Neighbours were magnanimous enough to give two buckets of water heated in a Hamam to enable us to have a bath.Some pockets were lucky at they got the supply restored in the morning, but for us things came back to normal only when the power supply was restored yesterday at 8:45 PM, thanks to entire day arduous exercise by HPSEB functionaries.