Monday, March 25, 2019

तेज राम शर्मा

स्मृति शेष-
तेजराम शर्मा
(25/03/1943- 20/12/2017)
अपर्णा / तेज राम शर्मा
अँधेरे मुँह
दुहती है वह गाय को
अंतिम बूँद तक
जैसे उसका लाडला
चूस डालता है उसके स्तन

चूल्हे पर आग की लपटो में
बिखर जाते हैं मोती
धुआँ धुंधले कर देता है
सारे सपने
आँसू बहते हैं पर
आँख के जालों को
साफ नहीं कर पाते
स्लेट पर खड़िया से लिखी
अधूरी इबारत
उसकी वापसी का इंतज़ार करती रहती है।

कंटीली झाड़ियों में
उलझे पंख
पता नहीं कब से
इंतज़ार करते रहते हैं
आकाश में उड़ने का
कमर में रस्सी की गाची पहने
तैयार है वह अजेय पहाड़ से लोहा लेने
बीज के साथ–साथ
बोती है वह पसीने की बूँदें
हम समझें माटी उर्वरा है।

रोटी को देती है नमकीन स्वाद
पहाड़ जैसी चट्टानों के नीचे कभी-कभी
झरने-सी खनकती हैं उसकी चूड़ियाँ
और मोतिया हँसी
तभी जंगल भर
गूँजती है उसके चूल्हे की पुकार

लाल-पीले रंगीन धाटु
कब तक छुपा पाएँगे
उसके चेहरे के उड़ते रंग

नमक की परतें उतार कर
जब भी वह हल्का महसूस करती है
तो रात की नीरवता को तोड़ता
दूर जंगल में कोई पक्षी
गा उठता है कोई आदिम गीत।
( साभार- कविता कोश)

सादर स्मरण !
नमन !

Thursday, March 21, 2019


HOLI this time was a tame affair .One good thing in my immediate neighborhood of 3-4 families is the solidarity and fellow feeling . Bereavement or some mishap in any of the families remains the concern of all.
Hence the sannata that prevailed.
In retrospect, I am reminded of the Holi celebrations I have participated in at various places . It is customary for the residents of a Government colony to gather in the morning with color pouches in hand, smearing faces of one another, walking together in a procession visiting Senior officers, available in the District/ Sub Division, as the case may be.
On one such occasion at the District HQ, as we  in a procession went to the DC's residence, we were offered hard / soft drinks.Being a non drinker, I was offer a glass of Coca  Cola,which I gulped in a single draught. As a spontaneous reflex , I took hold of a harmonium from some one and started playing on it and singing Punjabi Tappas, unmindful of the presence of others . Later it transpired that out of mischief, the person serving the drink had added some hard drink to make a 'special' cocktail for me.
It must have been quite a sight  for others to watch my activities  .
Anyways, mauka bhi tha aur dastoor bhi, though I was only half conscious of this !

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Joy Mukherjee

Today is the death anniversary of Joy Mukherjee, the Bollywood actor and director.He was a lead romantic hero in most of the Hindi films made in '60s through '70s.He was born Jai Om Yadav Mukherjee on 24th February 1939 at Jhansi in the United Provinces . Making his debut in 1960 with the romantic flick Love in Simla opposite Sadhana, he went on to work in movies like Ziddi, Ummeed, Phir Wahi Dil Laya Hoon,Shagird, Ek Musafir Ek Haseena, Love in Tokyo, Dil aur Mohabbat, Love in Bombay, Humsaya, Ek Kali Muskayi and many many others. He paired with all  popular heroines of the time.The songs picturised on him whether solo or duets became instant hits.
He died this day in 2012  aged 73.
Our humble tributes !