Sunday, May 19, 2019

Loksabha Elections 2019

I too participated in the quinquennial ritual of Loksabha Elections and contributed my bit being a citizen and voter of the largest democracy of the world .No  canvassing was visible on ground in my part of the Constituency . Perhaps the parties relied more on social , mainstream visual & print media to do the job.The candidates and the Star pracharaks, quite understandably chose to address the voters in selected pockets , as the area of a Loksabha  Constituency is pretty large and it is not physically possible to visit every nook and corner. What is worrisome is the continuously dwindling standard of the public discourse. It appeared as if a competition of sorts was there in mudslinging, casting aspersions , personal attacks on one another by the rivals which by no means is a sign of mature and healthy democracy.
Meanwhile, the fate of the contesting candidates is lying in the EVMs, while today the voting process is still continuing. Media must be ready with the Exit poll, which they may come out with,after  voting concludes.

Saturday, May 4, 2019


My respected women friends will kindly excuse me if I happen to be entering a forbidden territory of discussing Female attires.
I grew up among the female members of my family wearing only full sleeve  Kameez-salwar, cut into a standard shape or design , with a dupatta or chunni. The only variation by way of a fashion statement was the  loose or tight mohri or 'pahuncha'  of salwar. As with collar and cuff in gents' shirts , the nicely and tastefully made pahuncha  with sewing design made on it was the hall mark of salwar. Only that tailor was worth something who could make pahuncha to one's liking. Chooridars were another dress item in vogue. I remember my mother had to persuade my father to allow my sisters to wear chooridars. Such were the times.
Much has changed over the years. Society at large and parents have become more liberal with regard to what girls wear. Even the school uniforms have no standard cut or design . Uniformity is only with regard to color of the dress and design may vary person to person.The School girls may sport semi patiyali in uniform. The jeans and trousers are too common a sight as young women donot want to give that ' behen ji' look. The present generation is smarter looking too.
The aesthete in me looks for elegance and  grace  and I miss the old style, though semi- patiyali is surely an improvement over the older version .

Thursday, May 2, 2019


The basic and common attire  with the most conspicuous presence for the males is the shirt  and for the men with taste, the crisp and well shaped  collars and the cuffs run the show. Hard ready-made collars came on the scene much later. Earlier  collars used to come with a thin fold or filling of the same cloth, the extra layer providing the required thickness. The collars were not crisp or stiff. Starch was applied to White shirts at the time of washing which would make the collars look crisp, especially if one was to sport a tie. Even as a school student, I used to soak the shirt collar in 'peechh' kept aside after boiling rice and afterwards, the shirt was ironed. That was my way of improvisation.
These days, there is no need for such improvisation, as even the cheapest shirts come with ready-made collars and even the shirts got stitched by tailor has readymade collar with buckram and plastic strips tucked inside. The cuffs are also made with care which adds value to the shirt. The collars come in different shapes, like the usual tie collar with drooping corners and the cut away collar with the corners drifting away.The market has the variety to pander to every taste and liking.