Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow- a mixed blessing

I was amused when the 20-25 cm snow at Shimla. was referred to as heavy in the media- print as well as visual and tourists and the local people complaining of slippery roads , which comes as a necessary fall out whenever there is a snowfall.. Having spent most of my life in Shimla and the tribal area of Himachal Pradesh, I have seen really heavy snowfall – anywhere between 3 to 7 feet when life virtually came to a standstill . In my childhood I have seen labourers being engaged by the people to clear snow off the roofs of houses lest these gave way under the weight , causing loss to life and property. No doubt a thick layer of snow added to height of the house.

I am reminded of the lines of a heart rending ghazal rendered beautifully by Jagjit- Chitra duo :

Koi samjhega kya raaz-e-gulshan…..

…….. azmat-e- ashiana bada di

Barf ko dost samjhoon ki dushman…..

Indeed snow is a mixed blessing !