Thursday, January 31, 2013

India- A land of Veers

India is known as a land of     ‘Veers ’ such as   ‘shoor veer’, ‘ dharamveer’ ,’ karamveer’, ‘daanveer ‘   etc. etc.- so much so that  a batsman who scores a century or more in a cricket match   innings  is   called ‘shatakveer ‘. However , courtesy  Etv, another ‘veer’   namely  ‘Bayanveer’ (बयानवीर ) was added to the list  when under the feature  tirchhi nazar’  a cartoon by Abhijit was shown  close on the heels of the Republic day . The cartoon could not have been better timed  as it shows a neta type , mounted on a  vehicle wearing the Gandhi topi , his long tongue  shaped like a sword ,   jutting out - the cartoon captioned as  - बयानवीर.  However  it is not only the netas   but also  our  intellectual  elite  who  on account of their off the cuff remarks and statements find themselves in the eye of the storm , quite often. All of a sudden phrases like  -think before you speak -  &  -  gaj bhar ki zabaan – come to mind . Speech may be silver  but silence always is gold.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

View from a Room

W.H.Davies in one of his famous poems    “ Leisure”   writes :
“ What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare…………”
And rightly so  as we miss out on so many beautiful and  magnificent  things in life .
About  three months back , when I did   take out  some time to stand and stare , I   took   shots of   a  really beautiful  spot at Dehra In Kangra  District in Himachal Pradesh  from a hotel room , where I had to stay put for  three days in connection   with a marriage in  the family. The hotel is rightly named “River View “   as the river Beas flows  gently nearby  and  there is a  long bridge  over it  connecting the road  . A water body certainly  enhances the beauty of a place  like nothing else does. Here are a few  pictures
taken with a not very sophisticated mobile phone : 



I think  the result has been worth !