Sunday, August 9, 2015

School Days

Memories of childhood especially school days never fade. I am reminded of a phrase  ‘शिकायती टट्टू  used day in and day out while describing a person habitual of complaining against others to the  teacher for some act of mischief , purported indiscipline or to use a rather heavy word , misdemeanor. If someone repeatedly  bullied you,it was fine as the teacher as we all know is a  guardian as well, in school hours . Sometimes the complaint was like   सर , ये कुछ खा रहा है...’. Sometimes, the teacher, who would not brook indiscipline would take offence and reprimand or even slap the ‘wrong doer’.  A few times, the tables would get turned upon the complainant student, when he would be roughed up by the teacher for this bad habit of  चुगली , much to the amusement of entire class.A teacher , jovial by nature would ask the offender to give a bit out of  the eatable to the complaining student so that he would keep shut. Another saying that was popular was
 ‘ चुगलखोर को  लगे रे डंडा , उसको  बचाना नहीं चाहिए  which was sung as a chorus.

The good old days ! 

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