Saturday, May 4, 2019


My respected women friends will kindly excuse me if I happen to be entering a forbidden territory of discussing Female attires.
I grew up among the female members of my family wearing only full sleeve  Kameez-salwar, cut into a standard shape or design , with a dupatta or chunni. The only variation by way of a fashion statement was the  loose or tight mohri or 'pahuncha'  of salwar. As with collar and cuff in gents' shirts , the nicely and tastefully made pahuncha  with sewing design made on it was the hall mark of salwar. Only that tailor was worth something who could make pahuncha to one's liking. Chooridars were another dress item in vogue. I remember my mother had to persuade my father to allow my sisters to wear chooridars. Such were the times.
Much has changed over the years. Society at large and parents have become more liberal with regard to what girls wear. Even the school uniforms have no standard cut or design . Uniformity is only with regard to color of the dress and design may vary person to person.The School girls may sport semi patiyali in uniform. The jeans and trousers are too common a sight as young women donot want to give that ' behen ji' look. The present generation is smarter looking too.
The aesthete in me looks for elegance and  grace  and I miss the old style, though semi- patiyali is surely an improvement over the older version .

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