Sunday, August 11, 2019

Art .370

I avoid writing Political posts, partly due to the fact that there are better and more knowledgeable people around to express their  views on matters Political.
Occasionally I do watch inconclusive TV debates with every thing so predictable. Name the participant and you  know what he/ she will speak. 370 has been the buzzword for the last few days . As usual there are diametrically opposite views even from the people who matter and from the people who do not matter.
To a layman like me, 370 did allow some aberrations like double citizenship and two flags- one Indian National Flag and the other Kashmir flag - to happen.  Perhaps it also meant more Central grant and other peripheral concessions.
The claim that removal of some of the provisions will mean the region, entering into a phase of development , hitherto not seen seems contrary in view of the available statistics which put J&K in better position in some of the parameters Vis-a- vis other states. What hampered the development of the other states also needs to be looked into on a comparative basis .
While it is heartening to see the ray of hope in the eyes of people who were made to leave hearth and home, to return to their homeland, it is also hoped that the changed scenario helps to meet the aspirations of a common  Kashmiri.  The blatant , unthoughtful , insensitive talk of purchasing plots and bringing Kashmiri brides  is enough to put us to shame.
Reducing Kashmir simply to a geographical entity and commodifying the people shows us in poor light .

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