Thursday, February 27, 2020

Adieu to a Noble soul !

It  was a  shock  , rather a jolt to hear of the sad  and sudden demise of  our  Samadhin   ( daughter’s  mother in law ) , who  had a  cardiac arrest in the early morning hours  yesterday , at her home  near  Dhaliara . More shocking was the  fact  that  death occurred close on the heels  of the marriage of her niece, the ceremony  being  over  just 2-3 hours  before. She was not yet sixty. She was a remarkable person, ,a pious and religiously inclined  lady,   who was full of charity towards all and malice towards none. Perchance  my  son in law had come on  a short leave  from the  North East     to attend the  said marriage ,  and her daughter with her family was also there. She had  a special corner for my wife , whom she treated   more as a younger sister   than a Samadhin . The two would have  long  conversation  periodically on phone , between them sharing  all the  two could . The relatives and  near and dear ones  gathered  around  to offer condolences had only  nice things to say    about her, quite deservedly  . It was hard to console my son in law , visibly  shattered . On  24th instant, I had  posted a few lines about  my mother who had passed away  twenty seven  years back.
Now it is kids’ turn to  face the emotional  vacuum  and the practical challenges , to shoulder all responsibilities  and  to take special care of the  old  father  left behind.

Peace be to the Departed Soul ! Amen !!

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