Monday, December 12, 2022



A hard earned electoral victory for Congress, nothing short of a miracle in the face of all out fierce campaign and propganda carried out by the  ruling party , that  lays claim to  being the largest political Party worldwide, and admittedly also the financially the strongest party, thanks to the Corporate funding upto the neck should be construed as a lifeline  keeping the dire straits the Congress is in throughout. Notwithstanding the miniscule difference in votes secured by the Congress and the BJP, which is being touted as a mitigating circumstance to draw some consolation, the Congress have a rare opportunity to serve people keeping alive the ethos, they are known for.

There are voices being heard about non - sharing of top slot by Old Himachal to  the neglect of Kangra district in giving the top post inspite of giving maximum seats. Though not wholly unjustified, the Party's supporters should  cooperate and allow the Government to run smoothly and efficiently.

Hopefully, the new Government will make all efforts to meet the aspirations of all Himachal people, shedding the misconception of Old  & New or Upper, Lower or Middle Himachal.

On a personal note, I am happy that the Candidate I voted for has been able to make it by no mean margin.

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