Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A Harlem Tragedy

If you think that only better life style, riches, possession of valuables and a happy family life and better looks can be the cause of envy among friends, peers and neighbours, you need to think and get beyond. Here a housewife envies bruises on the face and body of a neighbour and a friend got as a result of unprovoked thrashing and beating by a maverick husband. Why this wife bears with and literally enjoys this is for the reason that this promises her either purchase of a costly dress item or some other present or she being taken out to watch a theatre performance. The envious neighbour whose husband is a thorough gentleman and back from work engrosses himself in newspaper and can’t think of anything better , leave alone ever beating her or even scolding her, one day provokes him into beating her and seeing no reaction and in afit of uncontrollable anger beats him . The result however is that the poor husband ends up washing the clothes and wife sulking . 
Unbelievable ! I too think so . But just go and read O. Henry’s short story ‘A Harlem Tragedy ‘ !

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