Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Somehow I am in the habit of making it to a place much before time and my bitter half is often peeved with this craze of mine as she just wants to be there in the nick of time. Last year this day we left in a Taxi for ISBT Shimla to avail Volvo night service for Delhi to further catch Air India flight to Gaya. True to my habit, we started much earlier much to the annoyance of my wife. As we reached the ISBT , my wife prepared to make payment to the Taxi driver- she literally holds the strings-, the Purse was not there.In haste, we had carried other bags but left the purse behind .Fortunately we had left the keys with a neighbor .My habit of saving the mobile numbers came to our rescue. I made a call to the young son of the neighbor and we requested him to unlock the house and bring the purse to the road head.Thanks to my good habit, ironically perceived bad by my wife, we had sufficient time to drive back and get the purse delivered to us, to proceed back to the Bus Stand and board the bus.For the first time my wife endorsed my habit of reaching a place well in time .

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