Thursday, March 21, 2019


HOLI this time was a tame affair .One good thing in my immediate neighborhood of 3-4 families is the solidarity and fellow feeling . Bereavement or some mishap in any of the families remains the concern of all.
Hence the sannata that prevailed.
In retrospect, I am reminded of the Holi celebrations I have participated in at various places . It is customary for the residents of a Government colony to gather in the morning with color pouches in hand, smearing faces of one another, walking together in a procession visiting Senior officers, available in the District/ Sub Division, as the case may be.
On one such occasion at the District HQ, as we  in a procession went to the DC's residence, we were offered hard / soft drinks.Being a non drinker, I was offer a glass of Coca  Cola,which I gulped in a single draught. As a spontaneous reflex , I took hold of a harmonium from some one and started playing on it and singing Punjabi Tappas, unmindful of the presence of others . Later it transpired that out of mischief, the person serving the drink had added some hard drink to make a 'special' cocktail for me.
It must have been quite a sight  for others to watch my activities  .
Anyways, mauka bhi tha aur dastoor bhi, though I was only half conscious of this !

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