Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Height does (not) matter !

I remember I was  3'-10" as nine year old and in fifth class.At that time it felt good to be so diminutive and in fifth class. This misplaced 'feel- good' continued till class Nine, when I had  reached 4'-7" . Surprisingly, I gained seven inches during the Winter vacation that followed my entry into  class Ten, and I measured 5'-2". The natural process of gaining height stopped when I reached 5'- 7.1/2".
A middle height by all yards but surprisingly I wished that it were 5'-10" at least so that I did not have to look upto those of this height.
I wonder if others sailing in the same boat have felt like wise, though history is replete with examples of short people gaining heights through remarkable achievements in various fields.

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